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The Tahiti Ora Ballet, under the expert leadership of Tumata Robinson, assisted by manager Roland Garrigou, are a dance troupe whose male and female members, to the beat of stunning Polynesian percussions and distinctive harmonies, featuring dazzling costumes and adornments worthy of the greatest royal enthronements, present us with sumptuous tableaux vivants. Their world-famous shows are an invitation to take a journey, an initiation to an art de vivre, the teaching of a philosophy... "Ora" in Tahitian means "Life", a life infused with beauty, sweetness and generosity. Winner of the 129th and 134th renowned Heiva I Tahiti South Pacific Dance Festival – one of the oldest in the world, boasting one hundred and thirty years of existence – the Tahiti Ora Ballet earned multiple prestigious awards, such as Best Dance Troupe, Best Costumes, Best Orchestra or best Solo Dancers. The bewitching sensuality oozing from vahines (female dancers) contrasting with the sheer power of ancient-style tattooed male dancers, is magically staged and leaves a strong impression on the audience. This publication shortly presents Tumata’s background and some of the best pictures of her shows. The show must go on; and so must Tahiti Ora adventure...

Tahiti Ora (Version Anglais)