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Brief stories of the oceans


This collection of poetic prose is the work of a navigator. If you search the internet it will be Captain Didier Alphen first. In 2000, he came to settle in Tahiti after having lived and worked in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. And since then he has been sailing between Raiatea and Tuamotu. Partner of the greatest fans of flyfish, fly fishing to whom he makes discover the extraordinary lagoons, he rubs shoulders in this lively life, with the greatest billionaires who came by passion for fishing, but also the oldest sea bass worthy of novels. by Jack London.

All this universe inspires him short stories, snapshots in contemporary prose which are presented in this collection entitled "From one island to another", the title in Tahitian, language of the island of Raiatea where the author is installed is "A fa'aro'o i te moana", which means "listen to the ocean". Combined with illustrations by Roland Marti, sailor and artist from Raiatea famous for his practice of scrimshaw, sperm whale tooth engraving, these brief ocean stories are reminiscent of that old brass porthole, which allows while being at the shelter, to let in the sea air, freshness and light, or to contemplate storms and other hurricanes while remaining well protected. So take to the sea!

Verses from the helm (Anglais)