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Tony Samara, the author of A Shaman's Wisdom, is a contemporary spiritual teacher

whose approach of consciousness borrows inspiration from Zen Buddhism and South

American shamanism while taking a clear distance from these conceptual systems and

others. In this book, he answers questions asked by a social anthropologist, Christian

Ghasarian. In a conversation of simple tone, Tony Samara speaks about moments in his

life that helped him understand things, important journeys and encounters, the interest

and the limits of Zen Buddhism and South American Shamanism that he personally

went through. He also addresses themes such as the essence of consciousness,

spirituality and religions, energy points in the body, health and diseases, relationships

and sexuality, spiritual discipline, students' expectations on teachers, sacred plants,

masculine and feminine aspects, attachment to forms, dreams' messages and many

other topics related to spiritual life...


Tony Samara also tackles fundamental anthropological issues such as the relativity of

cultural models, the influence of ready-to-think social ideas on people's behaviour, the

psychological mindset produced by mass programmed aspirations and the universality

of human quests and dilemmas for example. While avoiding the traps of abstractions

and dogmatism, he constantly emphasises the emancipating potential associated with

taking a distance from ingrained certitude, always coming back to the necessity to

unlearn what is preventing spiritual awareness. His largely intuitive philosophy points

out the sameness behind the apparent differences. Through an unusual spiritual quest

and itinerary, this book explores universal concerns beyond psychological and cultural

frames and invites the reader to acknowledge the essence of life.


"It is necessary to put the cultural program into question and completely go to the

point where we look at things with clear consciousness, not with the idea that we know


Different yet the same

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